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About - ACUBLOOM - A Healing House in Monterey, CA

Kristan Roth, M.T.C.M, L.Ac., D.A.O.M. fellow

While observing the doctors and healers in her family, Kristan witnessed how the innate self-healing experience could be utilized in treating patients and was captivated. Her grandfather was a doctor of Osteopathy, who practiced with an Acupuncturist, and believed in Integrative Medicine before it had become known as such. At a young age she knew that under the right conditions and with natural nourishing care our bodies would flow into a healing journey of their own. Intrigued by how to motivate this healing process Kristan embarked on a journey of her own.

Practicing massage and energy work, which included Polarity, Cranial Sacral, Shiatsu, and Aromatherapy, led her to begin her studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine in 1994. Kristan attended Bastyr University in Seattle and Five Branches University in Santa Cruz, completing her Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine and becoming board certified in 1999. Her studies did not stop there.

Kristan traveled to China twice to complete internships in well-renown hospitals where the doctors opened their hearts and amazing minds to her. It was an honor to follow famous doctors (such as, Dr. Wang Juyi) witnessing their extraordinary talents and techniques. Kristan was also invited to stay on in China to be the be the head intern to one of the doctors, further expanding her knowledge and experience. During that time she was also able to observe and learn from a variety of other doctors.

At one of these hospitals, Beijing TCM Hospital, the entrance has signs pointing in two directions, one to head to the herbal pharmacy and one for the prescription medicine pharmacy. Many patients would visit both wings, picking up their herbs and obtaining an Acupuncture treatment followed by their appointment with their primary care doctor and picking up prescription medicine, if needed. This is Integrative Medicine! Integrating the ancient medicine of China with the "new" or "Western" medicine brought back memories of her grandfather.

While living and studying the culture, language, art, and medicine of China at Beijing Language and Cultural University, Kristan found herself overwhelmed with inspiration and became even more passionate about her path as a healer. Humbled by and in love with the beauty of this ancient medicine, she returned to her hometown to share all that she had learned and experienced about healing with the people in her own community.

Continuing her work in integrative clinics, Kristan has practiced at Natividad Hospital Pain Clinic along side doctors, psychotherapists, and physical therapists, in a nonprofit clinic specializing in oncology support, Kristan worked with a group of oncologists and provided care to their cancer patients. Kristan has also worked in clinics with chiropractors, massage therapists and naturopaths. Facilitating the combined support of a healthcare team is very effective in treating health issues as well as being very helpful and encouraging for the patient's overall wellbeing.

Kristan has had success in treating and supporting the following; acute and chronic pain, women's wellness (menses, fertility, pregnancy, labor, menopause), psychological and emotional wellness, digestive support, sleep, chemotherapy and radiation support, stress, adrenal support, endocrine support, thyroid support, preventative care, and encouraging a healthy immune response.

The use of bodywork and energy work over the past 20 years, and incorporating Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine over the last 15 years, has provided a palette of care, which she finely hones to provide a unique treatment for each individual each time she cares for them. Like an artist uses her palette of colors to paint a beautiful picture, Kristan uses her palette of knowledge and experience in many modalities to create a beautiful healing response in each individual. The golden thread in each treatment is Kristan's openhearted approach and genuine love in facilitating the healing process.



Nature reveals our truest healing potential as we observe the rhythm of the five elements. As a healer, I follow the flow in and out of the five elements of each individual, I bow deeply in honor of this dance.

Kristan Roth